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Day 1:


Various experiences is brought into play during brainstorming. It broadens the range of ideas that may be considered, making it easier to come up with better answers to questions.

  • My Brainstorming Process

  • The Tools I Use To Create Successful Group Trips





Day 2:


Planning allows us to precisely define our objectives. It forces us to define clearly and concretely what we need to accomplish in order to have the desired impact on society. By incorporating everyone in the planning process, it ensures that we all understand our objective and what we need to do to achieve it.

  • My Contract Planning Process

  • My Itinerary Planning Process

  • My Pricing Process for Groups






Day 3:

Launching & Marketing

Product, pricing, promotion, and location are the four pillars of marketing. Tactics and channels vary, but they are the ideals around which everything else revolves, and they are timeless principles. Marketers must remember to consider long-term by maintaining their brand, safeguarding their employees, and upholding their principles. If you promote things and services that aren't essential or needed in the present context, no one will appreciate you or respect you.

  • How to Launch Your Group Trips

  • How to Market Your Groups Effectively

  • My Email Marketing Strategy



Day 4:

Content Strategies


Your content conveys your message, educates your market, and persuades them to choose your products and services over those of your competitors. In reality, one of the most crucial things you can do to attract clients and generate interest in your business is to provide high-quality content.

  • Post Group Content Strategy 

  • How to create swag bags

  • How to gain repeat travelers

  • Live Q & A Session

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As a travel agent myself, I took Monae's Facebook Ad webinar, and I put the knowledge she given me to use. I promoted a my Jamaica Takeover 2020 and reached 558 people with only promoting with $6.00. Her knowledge she shared was amazing can't wait to learn more from her.

Phillisa Buchanan

CEO - Ta'ja Travel and Events! That describes Monae in a nutshell! I highly recommend her to jumpstart your travel business. My first group trip was a success, thanks to her!

Tyra Morris

CEO - Glow and Explore with Tyra

Monae is phenomenal travel agent and advisor!! I have learned so much about the travel business after taking her classes. I highly recommend everyone in the industry to reach out to her and take her one-on-one classes you will learn so much valuable information to be successful!!

Christina Renee Florian

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