Helping everyday Boss Ladies

LIKE YOU  build


Online Travel Business

so you can experience the time and financial
freedom you deserve, and create a life you love.

Helping everyday Boss Ladies

LIKE YOU how to build


Online Travel Business

so you can experience the time and financial
freedom you deserve, and create a life you love.


>> Are you a travel agent wanting to grow and scale your business?
>> Are you generating profit but having a hard time hitting six figures?
>> Do you struggle reading clients’ needs?
>> Do you wish you had better marketing strategies to keep clients coming in?
>> Do you want to keep doing what you love and getting paid enough for it?
>> Are you feeling helpless and don’t know where to start?

You know your service is unlike anything your clients can get with an online source, but sometimes it feels like you’re not giving your clients enough value…

Hey luv!

I'm Monae.

I'm an Entrepreneur with multiple successful online businesses creating consistant wealth in the Travel, and Ecommerce Industries are among my income streams. I earn all online and from home!

Six years ago, I started my side hustle and in less than 4 years I turned it into a six-figure business allowing me the financial freedom to create the lifestyle that I love plus I get  to travel whenever I want to with my family!

Understanding that you're capable of more than you think is why I am here to help you accomplish your big goals by giving you the tools and support you need to STOP SETTLING and build a life you love.

I Show Everyday Women how to build profitable online businesses through Social Media to create wealth while having the freedom to travel & enjoy their dream lifestyle.

Do you want to have a THRIVING online travel business while enjoying the life you want?

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Building Others' Success Stories

Deniqua Martin

CEO - Truly Majestic Travels

"I highly recommend for everyone who is struggling with driving sales, to BOOK YOUR 1 on 1 with Monae! She is extremely thorough and patient. Mrs. Clasberry takes her time to ensure that she has not only delivered the information, but that you are actually able to understand & implement her instructions into your daily business practices!

I am abundantly blessed to have been able to afford myself the opportunity to cross paths with you Monae! I wish you nothing but Peace ✌🏽 Love ❤️ Health 💪🏽 & Wealth 💰!!
Thank you again!"

Susan Bryson


 "Monae has a teaching style that is easy to understand and is relevant. She takes time to ensure that everyone is on tract by asking questions making sure we all are growing in our business. I truly enjoy her classes and look forward to her continued travel educational webinars."

Tyra Morris

CEO - Glow & Explore with Tyra 

"! That describes Monae in a nutshell! I highly recommend her to jumpstart your travel business. My first group trip was a success, thanks to her!"

How to Attract & Generate Hundreds of Leads

Let’s be real. You 𝑫𝑶 need leads in your travel business to generate sales but when you analyze it, getting leads is not the actual problem, there are enough potential clients for everyone, however sometimes the real problem is attracting them to your business! Secure your spot in my FREE WEBINAR below and i'll teach you How to Attract & Generate Hundreds of Leads for Your Travel Business Today!!

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