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  • Have you been looking for a step by step strategy to learn how to book successful group trips?
  • Do you feel like there's got to be a "Easier /better way," but you're just not sure what it is?
  • Do you want to learn how to travel the world while making a significant income?
  • Do you want to turn your travel business into a 6-figure business as quickly and easily as possible?
  • Are you struggling with attracting, planning, pricing & organizing your group trips?
  • Are you struggling with clients cancelling or defaulting on group payments often?
  • Do you struggling with marketing your group trips effectively?

Benefits of Booking Group Travel

  • Increase travel income
  • Earn 75% more on bookings
  • Free or Reduced Travel
  • Host Group trips and get paid
  • Access to exclusive travel comps
  • Earn exclusive CLIA/IATA benefits

It's time to level up your travel business with GROUPS

Group Travel is the CAVIER for Travel Agents when it come to booking travel. It allows agents like myself to earn 75% more income than the average agent per booking & per year. Unfortunately Most travel agents shy away from booking group travel because they have either tried it and failed or was intimidated and have no clue where or how to begin. Now that's alot of money being left on the table.

But no worries Once you learn my step-by-step process for booking successful groups that helps new and existing travel agents -just like you-you'll be able to move from slow growth, confusion, intimidation and becoming overwhelm, toward a lucrative 6-figure group travel business in just 4 Days!

If you want me to show you how I sell out over 90% of the group trips I book (including my latest bahamas cruise of 99 guest click here ) , then you need to invest in this MASTERCLASS. You'll find that becoming a travel agent who specializes in group travel becomes a lot easier and beneficial to your business & bank account! In this MasterClass, I hope your prepared because I’m going to share my key essential strategies for planning, packaging, pricing and PROFITING from group trips.


What You Will Learn & Receive:

Day 1

My Brainstorming Process

The Tools I Use To Create Successful Group Trips

Day 2

My Contract Planning Process

My Itinerary Planning Process

My Pricing Process for Groups

Day 3

How to Launch Your Group Trips

How to Market Your Groups Effectively

My Email Marketing Strategy

Day 4

Post Group Content Strategy

How to create swag bags

How to gain repeat travelers

Live Q & A Session



Inside the VIP membership, you will gain access to:

  • How to Book Successful Group Cruises 
  • How I Made $15k by Booking 1 Group Cruise
  • How  to Prepare Your Travel Business for the Travel Boom?
  • How To Become A Master At Closing Travel Quotes &  Leads - Secure the bag
  • MONTHLY LIVE TRAINING CLASSES WITH MONAE (valued at $499 per class
  • Content Vault Access (valued at $3,500)
  • Exclusive FB Community
  • On-Demand Training Vault , get access to 100+ hours of on-demand training. New training videos and resources are added every week so make sure you watch! (valued at $2,249)
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Bootcamp (valued at $649) 

Value at $12,386

But you'll only pay $49 per month. (cancel anytime)


Group Travel is bouncing back and the demand is higher post covid. Families and affinity groups are are booking into 2022 allowing agents the potential to earn 6-figures or more per year! Be prepares for the overflow by becoming a group travel specialist!


I have literally helped hundreds of students with Booking Sucessful Group Trips since I Started.


Phillisa Buchanan

CEO - Ta'Ja Travel & Events

As a travel agent myself, I took Monae's Facebook Ad webinar, and I put the knowledge she given me to use. I promoted a my Jamaica Takeover 2020 and reached 558 people with only promoting with $6.00. Her knowledge she shared was amazing can't wait to learn more from her.

Tyra Morris

CEO - Glow & Explore with Tyra! That describes Monae in a nutshell! I highly recommend her to jumpstart your travel business. My first group trip was a success, thanks to her!

Christina Renee Florian

Unique Getaways & Travel

Monae is phenomenal travel agent and advisor!! I have learned so much about the travel business after taking her classes. I highly recommend everyone in the industry to reach out to her and take her one-on-one classes you will learn so much valuable information to be successful!!

Think about your goals for 2023.


Do you know exactly how you’re going to get there?

​Do you have a plan?

Stop guessing and stop messing around.

Let me help you jumpstart your income with an travel business that lights you up and serves more people by learning my winning strategy to booking sucessful group trips.

I’ll be looking for you in my academy!

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A Note from MONAE

(your personal guide to BOOKING SUCCESSFUL GROUP TRIPS   that sell out and sets revenue records)...

I’ve been booking groups  since the day I became an Travel Agent

When I started in the travel industry 6 years ago, I learned immediately that booking groups was for me but I also knew I needed help in order to properly Plan , Package , Price & Profit from booking groups. So, I reached out to multiple people for mentorship, and found that no one could truly help me only direct me to vendor websites.

​I knew I had to come out of my comfort zone and I had to figure everything out on my own. So with no road map , no helpful guidance , no mentor I eventually made my own way and managed to build a business that generates 6 figures annually.

​Now don't get me wrong my 1st group trip as an agent I made a ton of mistakes, leaving thousands on the table , I was un organized and I took alot of risky chances that could've cost me my business. But I didn't stop!

I was so determined to succeed and create a winning step by step plan to help as many agents "like you" as I can!

 I'll be sharing , My tips , Tools , Process & Industry secrets other travel agencies don’t want you to know. I hope your ready and excited to


 I'll see you in class.